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- Henry David Thoreau

Monday, August 13, 2012

An Important Debate

There's been a lot of debate going around...... my head about an e-reader vs. a "real book".  On the one hand, there's nothing like actually holding a book and the weight of it, the smell of it, noticing someone trying to get a glimpse of the title.  On the other hand, the idea of having all my books in one place is amazing.  On the other hand, I have a lot of books that I already own that I wouldn't want to pay to download again.  On the other hand, paying a much reduced price for a book I really want to read when it first comes out and not having to wait for the cheaper paperback option/long library waiting list is quite appealing.  On the other hand, where did I get this many hands?  This is going to make it very interesting come winter and I need 3 pairs of gloves.  Although I will dominate in a snowball fight.

So as always, a good pro/con list needs to be created.

- portable for all my books
- light weight
- can easily obtain books at a reduced rate
- can easily pick up another book if I don't feel like reading the current one
- easy to travel with

- I already own a lot of books that I would have to re-buy
- my dream of owning a space with a wall that is a book case would be seriously undermined
- I would probably end up buying the book as well which would be a double payment
- not being able to talk to people about the book I'm reading
- not being able to mark my favorite passages in a book

- the smell, the weight, the "feel" of holding and reading and looking at a book
- writing in them
- building a book case wall
- loaning them out to other people

- having to limit the number of books taken on a trip
- can be expensive

So I guess the conclusion of all this is:

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