Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

- Henry David Thoreau

Monday, November 21, 2011

nice sweater......

Party on Wayne....

Going to a party where I don’t know anyone (other than the people I went with) is always a mixed bag of emotions.  On the one hand there’s the possibility of meeting new people who will be fun and awesome.  On the other hand there’s the possibility of not meeting anyone and sitting on the couch pretending to be involved in the conversation of the people you’re sitting next to, while in reality just wondering if I should a.) go get another drink or b.) figure out how to get to the bus to go home.

I went to a party Saturday night that was somehow a mixture of both.  The beginning was pretending to be interested in other conversations.  Then I somehow met a fellow traveler.  He has been travelling the world for the past few months and had stopped in DC to meet some people he met at a hostel a few years ago.  (Also, he was from Australia…. G’day.)  So that brought up the subject of me planning to go traveling.  He basically had been in my position and now travels, goes home and lives with his parents and saves up enough money to go travel again.  He and I also had a part of a conversation how there are jobs out there.  They’re not the glamorous high paying high profile jobs, but there are some out there that can enable you to earn money.  It was reassuring to me to hear someone who is in my exact same position.  He also told me that he has met some of his best mates (yup, went there) at hostels and that they still keep in touch three years later.  He said that when you’re traveling and staying in hostels, everyone is in the same boat.  Everyone wants to meet people and for the most part they’re friendly and more than happy to invite a straggler in because they’ve been one themselves.  Talk about a timely encouragement. 

He also encouraged me to get a bus pass instead of a train pass since it’s considerably cheaper and he had a good experience traveling Europe with one.  Which is basically what I needed.  I had all the information but I couldn’t determine which one was better and my pro/con list came out pretty much even.  I just needed a nudge in a direction. So now I just have to buy one.

Also I found a website (www.travellerspoint.com) that is an online map/guide/open forum for travelers. I put some information out there that I’m planning to go abroad and looking for anyone that might be interested in meeting up.  Hopefully something will come of it and I’ll get to meet some new people for when I arrive.  It’d be nice to have people to go visit various places with. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

I would like to tell you......

I’m borderline obsessed with Marthe at The Freedom Experiment. She’s got such a fantastic vision. Plus reading her blog was a major inspiration in deciding to quit my job and go traveling. So when I saw list this morning I simply had to repost it. I highlighted my favorite ones. 

I would like to tell you that you are a magnificent and radiant being.

I would like to tell you that there is so much complexity in the world and the only way to manage it is to live it.

I would like to tell you I really appreciate all the lovely comments, the insightful e-mails and the re-tweets and links.

I would like to tell you there are possibilities for you – so wild you can’t even imagine.

I would like to tell you that you can do it.

I would like to tell you that even the best makes mistakes.

I would like to tell you to keep on going.

I would like to tell you I’m writing poetry that longs to be read.

I would like to tell you – take good care of yourself.

I would like to tell you to listen to yourself with your whole heart.

I would like to tell you I only write and post on the Freedom Experiment when I feel like I have something of value to share.

I would like to tell you that I, too, have good days and bad days.

I would like to tell you about Goddess Leonie, because she inspires me.

I would like to tell you about these e-book ideas I have.

I would like to tell you I want to make friends with you.

I would like to tell you I see you.

I would like to tell you the details don’t matter.

I would like to tell you to share what needs to be shared.

I would like to tell you about my dream.

I would like to tell you that you can reach yours.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Maybe I should request an arranged marriage.

I found this on Arielle’s blog and can absolutely relate. I have many a day where my self-esteem plummets because the guy I was checking out on the metro didn’t look back at me. Or to put it more honestly, the guy I talked to and flirted with on a three hour flight back to DC didn’t ask for my number. And that was 4 months ago. Yet it still weighs heavy on my heart.

Why is it that my perception of my worth is so ingrained into a guy. But not just any guy, all guys. Why is it if I go out at night and don’t have a weird guy trying to grind on me it feels like a failure. And I don’t know if I even want to know what it means that I consider “a weird guy trying to grind on me” as a so called successful while talking to a guy and having him try to get my number seems so far-fetched it’s like winning free beer for a year.

And yet it is. I’ve come to believe so little in myself that any attention I get from a guy has to mean that he is just biding his time talking to me until someone hotter/funnier/shorter comes along. Why don’t I believe that if someone is talking to me then they may actually want to talk to me. This is the line that seemed to speak the most to me “I happen to think I'm smart and fun and a person that a lot of people want to be around, yet I walk around constantly feeling like garbage because I'm never the girl who needs saving from gross guys at bars and am always the friend doing the saving.” This rings so true to me. So unbelievably true. I’ve tried to do the online dating multiple times, each time thinking “ok, this is it. this is the one that will take”. And yet it never does. Am I not witty enough in my profile? Did I not put up the best pictures of me? What’s the deal here. And clearly it can’t be the guys fault in this scenario. As much as I would like to believe it is, and will say to anyone who asks as a way to hide my fears and emotions, I fully believe it has something to do with me.

PS – I think it’s amusing that most people think that being tall is what is keeping them from being in a relationship. However for me it’s the opposite. For me being tall is what is keeping me from being in a relationship. I want to feel protected and feminine and that a guy can look after me. I don’t feel that way when I can see over their head. Perhaps I shouldn’t. But I do. C’est la vie.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What’s your favorite television show for each day of the week?
I got rid of cable to save money. So now I watch things online. But my favorites are:

Monday - How I Met Your Mother

Thursday - Community/Parks and Rec

Saturday - Doctor Who

2. How many times do you wear your jeans before you watch them?
Probably about 4-5. If they don't smell and don't have something on them, longer.

3. What is your favorite pasta shape?
I'm not a huge fan of spaghetti. However I eat quite a bit of ravioli. So...... cube with a place for something (cheese) in the middle.

4. Do you read newspapers?
I read the Washington Post Express on the train in the morning.

5. Do you sleep in socks?
Never. I can't sleep if I have socks on.

6. Favorite genre of movies?
Classics. Classic Romantic Comedies to be specific.

7. How do you feel about wrestling?
I think the business behind WWE is fascinating. I grew up watching Wrestlemania. But MMA scares/disgusts me.

8. Should men pluck their eyebrows?
Not for form and beautification, but for maintenance YES. If there are hairs between your eyebrows, get rid of them. If any of your eyebrow hairs are long enough to braid, YES. (Why change Chelsea wrote so eloquently.)

9. Do you have dimples?
On my arse, yes. On my face where I would like them to be? Sadly no.

10. Do you like to camp?
Yes. Smores, outdoor drinking, pretty trees, firepit...... I'm in.